Ever thought about a startup career? Maybe think again. If you are a technical student with leadership ambitions, don't miss the new event series CTO to go, where we invite high-profile speakers to share their personal journeys from tech talent to tech leader.
Tuesday, December 12, 2023 · 5:00 PM
DigiLab, Max-Planck-Straße 39, Heilbronn
CTO to go S1 E2

Ever thought about a career in a startup? Maybe think again.

🚀 If you are a technical student with leadership ambitions you should not miss out on the new event series CTO to go. Every session we invite a high-profile speaker and put their personal career journey from tech talent to tech leader in focus.

⛰️For young talents with leadership ambitions, working in a startup can be a shortcut to a high responsibility and high impact position – especially when compared to the often long-winded and tedious climbing of the “corporate ladder” in a more traditional career.

💡The main part of the event will revolve around the invited speaker with a short introduction followed by a 45-minute moderated panel discussion. The focus of the conversation will be the personal journey of the speakers and how they developed from a tech enthusiast to a technical leader at a startup: What inspired them to leave a maybe secured career path for the opportunities and risks of entrepreneurship. Which moments were decisive in their journey. What they learned. What went wrong. And how they manage their current role with high responsibility.

❓Afterwards you can directly discuss and pose questions through a Q&A segment.

So find out firsthand if this career path could be the one for you!