Showing the booking schedule for hospital beds of the Medigital solution


Medigital brings planning reliability to the capacity management! The automatic allocation of patients eliminates time-consuming discussions about the distribution of patients to the available beds. This saves doctors and nurses important time, and the occupancy rate can be improved.

Founding challenges

The biggest challenge for us was to find a hospital that allowed us to test our prototype. At the beginning, it is very difficult to develop something without getting feedback. That's why we conducted a lot of user interviews but the step into the hospital was very difficult.

Another big challenge for us was to receive funding after finishing EXIST. Especially in these times, it is very difficult to convince VCs or Business Angels to invest.

How VL helped us

The Venture Lab Healthcare helped us solve our biggest challenge. They brought us together with hospitals from their network and supported us in the negotiations. As a result, we were able to secure a first pilot project.

The VL also helped us with our second challenge, receiving funding. Many investors lacked the medical expertise in our founding team, so it was very helpful to have someone from the Venture Lab in the meetings who could validate the benefits of our software and act as advisor.

In addition, the infrastructure of the Venture Lab Healthcare has helped us a lot. We have been using the VL office several times a week for a year now and attend every VL event to expand our network.

Advice for founders

The most important thing is the team. You must have people you are one hundred percent convinced of, both humanly and professionally. Even the idea is not as important as the team.