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What Optimuse offers

We offer a cutting-edge software solution for evaluating, reporting, and reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption in real estate portfolios. Our solution generates cost-optimised renovation and decarbonisation pathways leveraging the latest technologies, such as AI and generative design, enabling the following:

  • Digital twins: OPTIMUSE generates a digital twin of existing buildings based on 2D plans (images, PDFs or DWGs) and building information that can be enriched with live data or energy performance certificates, which increases the quality of the evaluation.
  • Measures: Our software automatically generates decarbonisation and modernisation measures, analysing investment and operating costs, future energy consumption, potential CO2 savings based on thermal simulations, and preliminary technical planning.
  • Pre-planning: We suggest suitable project partners and solution providers for each calculated measure, allowing them to integrate their solutions directly into the digital twin and have them pre-dimensioned with our software. This gives customers a better feeling for the final solution and a pre-certification (e.g. ÖGNI).

How we helped Optimuse

  • Domain-specific Feedback: TUM Experts & Scientists helped to evaluate the solution and provided guidance & access to appropriate and helpful incubator programs such as XPRENEURS
  • Outreach: We helped the team to connect to investors and experts that were interested in working with the start-up and accelerating its growth.