VePa – Rethink Parking

VePa Founders Simon Schubnell and David Schoen

What Vepa offers

VePa Vertical Parking specializes in providing state-of-the-art automated parking solutions. Their advanced systems utilize vertical parking technology to maximize space utilization and efficiency in urban environments. With a focus on innovation and convenience, VePa offers customizable parking solutions that optimize usage and streamline parking operations, enhancing convenience for both users and property owners.

How we helped Vepa

  • Mentoring & Coaching: Vepa and our coaches and mentors worked closely together to shape the initial product vision and its design.
  • Funding & Outreach: After launch, we helped the team to connect to investors and experts that were interested in working with the start-up and accelerating its growth.
Today, we work closely with the Vepa team to make their knowledge accessible to the next generation of start-ups.