Our vision

We strongly believe that students and researchers in deep tech and life sciences, in collaboration with experienced professionals and entrepreneurs, are the core source of solutions to current and future societal challenges. But only via entrepreneurship novel ideas can be shaped into scalable operations and thus achieve real impact.

To enable this, we provide support across the entire early life-cycle from idea generation to seed-capital for launch. We mobilize and empower students and researchers to turn their ideas into scalable business innovations.

We believe that success in deep tech and life sciences requires a closely knit network of domain-specific support, while ensuring the cross-fertilization of leading edge methods.  

Our core hub is the Munich region, but we reach out well beyond that to national and international locations of the TUM and its network of affiliated institutions.

Central Team

Philipp Gerbert

Dr. Philipp Gerbert

General Managing Director

VLM COO Daniel Straimer 2

Daniel Straimer

Chief Operating Officer

VLM Tobias Ruzok 4

Tobias Ruzok

Head of Strategic Projects

Elena Clever

Elena Clever

Operations Manager

20240304 Unternehmer TUM Presse Jasmin Eigemann 12 1

Jasmin Eigemann

Senior PR Manager UnternehmerTUM