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Sattelite in Space
© Adobe Stock / dimazel
Grabbe Sabine
© Andreas Heddergott
Gruber Sylvia
© Andreas Heddergott
Schiwek Patrick
© Andreas Heddergott
Roman Werner
© Andreas Heddergott
© Andreas Heddergott
© Andreas Heddergott
TUM Campus Straubing Photovoltaic Flower
© Andreas Heddergott / TU Muenchen
Drei Personen stehen an der Straße vor einem Laptop
© Andreas Heddergott /TUM
Picture of Florian Jaeger
© Andreas Herdergott
Logo of Applied AI
© appliedai
Students working in a team
© Astrid Eckert / TUM
Picture of a quantum chip
© BAdW/Kai Neunert
A group of people standing in front of a factory building
© Bavertis
Logo BayWa
© BayWa
© Bert Willer
HIM front
© Bert Willer
Become co-founder
© Bert Willer
A portrait of Lars Eiermann
© Bert Willer
A portrait of Lisa Jäger
© Bert Willer
A portrait of Florian Lintl
© Bert Willer
A portrait of Lucia Lara
© Bert Willer
Elena Clever
© Bert Willer
Profil Picture of Tobias Förtsch
© Bert Willer
Clean room work close
© Bert Willer
Picture of people discussing innovation topics
© Bert Willers
Founders sitting at a table
© build systems
Team Member Jason Textor
© Built Environment
Logo Campus Founders
© campusfounders
Office snapshot with sofa and carpet.
© Campusfounders
Office snapshot with tables, office chairs, curtains and carpet.
© Campusfounders
Office snapshot with bar tables, chairs, curtains and carpet.
© Campusfounders
The founders of Carbon Atlantis: Malte Feucht, Paul Teufel and Steffen Garbe.
© Carbon Atlantis
Carbon Atlantis Tile
© Carbon Atlantis
Partnergraphic for digitalBAU showing the date
© digitalBAU
Oetker Logo
© Dr. Oetker
Dark blue letter "D" with the word Dymium underneath
© Dymium website
The letter "D" in dark blue with the word Dymium underneath
© Dymium website
Gründerteam stehen Rücken an Rücken
© Emidat
Banner FACIT
FACIT Building
Logo of IGL-Competion
Procedure of the IGL competition
Building Venture Lab FAB
Steinhauser Stefan
Student Team at IGL-Competition
BayWa Coworking Space
Henrike Möllenhoff
Victoria von Schweinitz
Laurens Heller
Laurens Heller
© FarmInsect
© FarmInsect
© FarmInsect
Founder with larval
© FarmInsect
© FramInsect
Four men moving
© From the makehealthdigital site
Showing a food menu from the HospiChef solution
© HospiChef website
Showing a dark blue letter "H" on a green background
© HospiChef Website
VePa Founders Simon Schubnell and David Schoen
A man in a lab coat touching a virtual interface
© istockphoto
Photo of the TUM Campus in Straubing Uferstr.
© Jan Winter / TUM
Three young men standing in front a  wall with the city in the background
© leonardo
Logo of Dassault
© Logo downloaded from the web
Showing the logo of healthcare happy hour wich are three white letters "H" on a dark blue circle
© Logo from the meetup event site
Quantum Total Analysis Systems (QTAS)
© MCQST / Christoph Hohmann
Grüderteam mit 3 Personen und Logo
© Optimuse gmbh
Gründerteam mit 3 Personen
© Optimuse GmbH
Two men and one woman looking at a showcase of an AI exhibition.
© Pexels
Two men and two women, leaning over a table, discussing business plans.
© Pexels
A group of people standing in front some trees in a park
© Phelas
Pink logo of brainlab
© Photo downloaded from the web
Logo of the Heinz Nixdorf Stiftung
© Photo downloaded from the web
the founders of Rnatics are shown receiving a prize
© Photo received from co-founder Johannes
Meeting room with green plants on the wall and a start-up team of three people working and discussing together
© Photo taken at the TUM Venture Lab Healthcare at Neherstrasse 1
Office with a big table and eight chairs and anatomy images on the wall
© Photo taken at the TUM Venture Lab Healthcare at Neherstrasse 1
Picture of Sabine Klein
© Photoshoot Munich Urban Colab
Showing the booking schedule for hospital beds of the Medigital solution
© Picture received from the Medigital team
Picture of the audience from the back
© Picture taken at the Expert Session by the TUM Venture Lab Healthcare
a modern building with some trees in front of it
© Picture taken by Florian Lintl
A group of two small trees and a wind turbine
© Pixabay
rnatics in white letters on a purple background
© rnatics website
© Sarah Jessl / TU Munich
Lars Wüstemann using the interactive working environment of an multitouch table at the Chair of Architectural Informatics for joining analog models and digital simulation.
© Sebastian Kissel
Digitale Landwirtschaft
© Shutterstock
Digitaler Zwilling
© Shutterstock
Vertical Farming
© Shutterstock
Cultivated Meat
© Shutterstock
Shutterstock 1181129317
© Shutterstock
Shutterstock 1845178195
© Shutterstock
Shutterstock 1752057086
© Shutterstock
Shutterstock 714386902
© Shutterstock
Logo of Startupcity HN
© startupcity-heilbronn
Christian Mohr
© Thomas Dashuber
© TU Munich
Chemist at work.
© TU Munich / Andreas Heddergott
Four researchers in their laboratory at Bavarian NMR Center discussing about their work.
© TU Munich / Andreas Heddergott
TUM Venture Lab ChemSPACE
© TU Munich / Andreas Heddergott
39 A7110
© TU Munich / Built Environment
Department of Chemistry of TU Munich in Garching.
© TU Munich / Ulrich Benz
Rita Laukemper
Woman writing on a whiteboard
© TUM picture database
Sustainability Circular Logo
© TUM Venture Labs
Three men standing around a round table, laughing, looking at each other.
© TUM Venture Labs Heilbronn
A portrait of Florian Jäger.
© TUM Website
A portrait of Belinda Buechner
© TUM Website
© Unternehmertum
Co Working Space Team FHD
© Unternehmertum
Mitarbeiter Antonius Viehmann
© Venture LAb BE
Project Manager
© Venture Lab Built Environment
Blank start-up intro page, call-to-action to join Venture Labs.
© Venture Labs Heilbronn
All team members Vertical parking
© vepa space website
Artifical Picture of the earth
© Visions of the Future / NASA
Logo of Medigital - turquoise letter "M"
© Website of Medigital
wecarry founding team
© Wecarry
man brainstorming at a whiteboard
Founders Elias Pajares, Ulrike Jehle und Majk Shkurti