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Lars Wüstemann using the interactive working environment of an multitouch table at the Chair of Architectural Informatics for joining analog models and digital simulation.

About us

We support the future shapers of the built environment! We work with start-ups in the fields of civil and environmental engineering, architecture and design, with a special focus on AI in the Built World and social or environmental impact.

Teams we work with

Find some inspiring examples of great people, teams and topics we work with!

Our Educational formats

Disruptive ideas are the key to transform the AEC industry into a sustainable future. By participating in our interdisciplinary offerings you will be able to dive into your individual idea-finding process and discover, develop & elaborate on its potential.

Our Equipment & Co-Working Spaces

Our Co-Creation Space gives you the chance to interact and communicate with other founders and experts, while phoneboxes and a lounge room offer the opportunity for more in-depth meetings. Individual offices are available to your start-up. For details reach out.



Profil Picture of Tobias Förtsch

Tobias Förtsch

Managing Director

Picture of Christos Chantzaras

Christos Chantzaras

Managing Director

Team Member Jason Textor

Jason Textor

StartUp Pipeline Manager

Project Manager

Julia Carstens

Project Manager

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