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At TUM Venture Labs Software & AI, we are committed to empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs. From students to researchers, we offer the resources, knowledge, and community needed to turn your innovative ideas into reality.

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Our Teams

At TUM Venture Labs, we firmly believe that our progress is measured by the success of our startups. We're dedicated to empowering founders to realize their full potential and craft solutions that will redefine tomorrow.

Our standout companies have not only demonstrated exceptional achievements in fundraising and product development, but also consistently exceeded customer expectations. They've set new standards in their respective industries, proving the strength and value of our entrepreneurial community.

Who We Empower

  • Students: Students from TUM and other Munich-based universities are invited to participate in our programs. Regardless of the level of your studies - from Bachelor to doctoral - and irrespective of your field of research, entrepreneurship presents a thrilling pathway for your career. Here, you don't lose; you gain invaluable experiences and potential successes.
  • Researchers: Doctoral and post-doctoral researchers are the fountainhead of technological innovation. We provide assistance to help them discover market applications and acquire the know-how necessary to transfer their technology to society at large.
  • Teams: We welcome startup teams with existing ideas or markets into our programs. Guided through the ecosystem, they can maximize their potential, evolve into their best versions, and build the most successful companies they're capable of.

What We Provide

  • Resources: Need space? We've got it. Need computing power? We've got it. Need customers, talent, or funding? We're here to assist you. As founders ourselves, we understand the needs of an early-stage company and are committed to offering you what you require to concentrate on what matters most: generating value for your customers.
  • Knowledge: Being an entrepreneur is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Thus, we share our experience and offer education on general entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, Web3, and SaaS business models. We aim to help you avoid technical debt and establish a robust culture and processes.
  • Community: It's dangerous to go alone! Engage with our community of entrepreneurs at various stages of their entrepreneurial journey. Share successes, learn from failures, and enjoy a supportive environment that fosters mutual growth and success.
  • Marketing Support: With marketing being a crucial aspect of startup success, we offer support in shaping your value proposition, conducting customer research, segmenting your market, and developing effective email and content marketing strategies.

What It Costs

Nothing but your dedication and hard work on your idea.

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Our Team

As a team of entrepreneurs, our mission is to help students and researchers in the successful transformation towards entrepreneurship. Therefore, we build an ecosystem that we would have wanted when we first started thinking about entrepreneurship.

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Antoine Leboyer

Managing Director

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Operational Director