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About us

As the hub for physics and electrical engineering-based ventures, the TUM Venture Lab Quantum provides the support you need to create a successful start-up in this deep tech field, from access to our network to lab infrastructure. 


Semiconductors underpin nearly all innovations. We specialize in empowering start-ups to bring their groundbreaking solutions to market, catalyzing progress and innovation across industries.

Teams we work with

From neutral atom quantum computers to single photon detector devices, we propel the future of computing and quantum technology. Our teams are the coolest qubits on the block!

Our Educational formats

Want to learn how to build and scale a deep tech start-up? How to find applications and business ideas for a technology you are passionate about? Or want to delve deeper into the world of quantum technology and chip design?

Our Co-Working Spaces

The Venture Lab Quantum offers office space at the TUM campus in Garching-Forschungszentrum and in our new headquarters in the centre of Garching. 


Our Team

Meet our domain experts, which will work closely with you, and our advisors, which are supporting us on the journey.

Photo of Christopher Trummer

Christopher Trummer

Managing Director

Rosaria Cercola

Rosaria Cercola

Project Manager

Photo of Maximilian Konrad

Maximilian Konrad

Project Manager

David Reichmuth

David Reichmuth

Project Manager


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