Linque is on a mission to provide a novel computing hardware solutions for next-generation algorithms and compute needs. 

Our hardware relies on using light for information processing instead of electronic transistors. Analog and coherent nature of computation enables two key advantages over conventional hardware. It can perform calculations several times faster while also being two orders-of-magnitude more energy efficient. 

In addition, our photonic chips are produced in semiconductor foundries with CMOS-compatible processes that allows us to scale the hardware. Photonic computing architecture is ideally suited for applications in high-performance computing, data centers and edge devices, particularly for large-scale AI models.

How the Venture Labs helped us

  • Mentoring and Coaching: Excellent early-stage guidance on business ideas, product-market fit and investment strategies from the in-house team and external experts. 
  • Network: The Venture Lab Quantum team has helped us engage with various partners, both within the Munich ecosystem and internationally, for tech collaborations, venture funding and first pilot projects.
  • Visibility: Enabled our participation in start-up events such as UTUM Demo Day and Bits & Pretzels.