We help ambitious talents and aspiring entrepreneurs to become successful founders.

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    Transform Your Idea into Reality

    Get Domain Specific Support

    You are an individual who has a brilliant idea but lacks a team to bring it to life? Let us help you navigate the next steps in your journey to success with our extensive network of experts from industry and research.

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    Leverage Your Experience

    Join a Start-Up or Find a Co-Founder

    You are confident in your abilities to elevate an existing start-up team? Seize the opportunity to make a profound impact in one of the teams in our ecosystem or or get matched with our successful Co-Founder Matching tool.

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    Explore Entrepreneurship

    Join Events and Education Formats

    Are you a young and ambitious student eager to explore the world of start-ups? Experience entrepreneurship firsthand by attending our dynamic events. Connect with like-minded peers and meet inspiring colleagues from TUM Venture Labs, TUM, and UnternehmerTUM. Dive deeper into entrepreneurial skills through our educational programs. Start building your venture today!