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We offer in-depth expertise in Software/AI, but accompany all innovators that want to make an impact!

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Become a great founder for free!🚀

We are convinced that successful start-ups need both, great technology / research and industry insights! This is why Venture Labs consist of professors, founders, and industry experts, bringing their knowledge together and building a valuable resource for anyone interested in starting or growing their own start-up!

Together, we support:

  • Students
  • Researchers
  • Professionals
  • Aspiring individuals and
  • Teams.


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Jan Mittendorf

Operational Director

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Svenja Enchelmaier

Marketing and Business Development Manager

TUM Venture Labs Heilbronn Hiring

We have open positions!

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How we work with you:💡

  1. Assessing your current status quo
  2. Understanding the goals you want to achieve
  3. Identifying ways to get you there!

This could mean: 

➡️ Answering any questions you have, e.g.:
✓ Tips and tricks for brainstorming an idea
✓ How to find a co-founder, up to
✓ Anything regarding fund-raising

➡️ Give workshops, about e.g.:
✓ Tech-trends and how to use them to boost efficiency
✓ Creating customer value with your skills

➡️ Connect you with, e.g.:
✓ Industry experts or founders
✓ Corporates and more

➡️ Sharing profound knowledge in Software/AI, e.g:
✓ Understanding and training AI models
✓ Topics around mashine learning

Coffee Corner ☕️🥐

What: Q&A
When: Every Tuesday 
Where: Kitchen/billiard room first floor D building (TUM)
For: Everyone and for free!

➡️ Available slots

You have questions about anything related to innovation, entrepreneurship or deep tech? Well, welcome to our office hour, the "Coffe Corner"! Open for everyone and fully for free, simply sitting together and talking about the things you have in mind. Interested? Then just click here and let us know when you want to come, bring your coffee, hot chocolate or water (if you want) and that is it!

We look forward to meeting you!

Upcoming Events

Find us on campus in Heilbronn!

No application needed! 
Just write us an email, call or visit us directly in the Campus Founders office at:

Bildungscampus 1,
74076 Heilbronn.

Note when visiting us: 
When you arrive in the building, simply go upstairs and tell that you want to visit us at the front desk behind the glass door! We are happy to find out what we can do for you in person.

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