AI Microclasses: How to create a compelling story

Learn how to craft a captivating story using AI in our fun and interactive AI Microclasses!
Friday, August 30, 2024 · 9:00 AM
TUM Hörsaal, Etzelstraße 38, Heilbronn
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The AI Microclasses are back! Unlock the power of AI and take your startup idea to the next level with our comprehensive workshop series.

Modul 3: 30 August, 2024

The workshop is divided into online and on site sessions.

In preparation for the on-site workshop you will have exclusive access to our online academy, where you can take the first courses at your own pace. We'll start with the basics of AI and Chat GPT in our online modules before moving on to the on-site workshop.

On site
Join us for an onsite workshop in Heilbronn to turn theory into action. You'll learn how to create customised visual and verbal content to tell a compelling story about your startup idea. Using tools like Midjourney and other AI-supported presentation tools, you'll develop essential skills for crafting effective pitches.

Understand the basics of generative AI for visuals, learn the key elements of a pitch deck, and master storytelling techniques. You'll learn how to identify problems, come up with solutions and use AI tools to create visual content like logos and product images.

Additional information

All sessions are conducted in English and designed to be accessible, requiring no prior knowledge or coding skills.

The program is free of charge, but spaces are limited, so we encourage you to sign up quickly.

Participants need a rough startup idea and can be either business or tech founders. No coding skills are required.

To get the most out of the AI Microclasses, we recommend that you take part in all course days.



"AI Microclasses" is a workshop series by TUM Venture Labs. All sessions are also available as part of "AI Start", a programme hosted by our ecosystem partner Campus Founders