Additive Manufacturing

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About us

We foster groundbreaking developments in disruptive materials, shapes, and production processes, unlocking the full potential of Additive Manufacturing and empowering tomorrow's AM entrepreneurs. Get your idea off the ground with access to our network, events, co-working spaces, and prototyping infrastructure.

Teams we work with...

We support teams across the AM value chain and various disciplines, helping them to sharpen and develop their AM-powered business ideas! Furthermore, we act as a cross-domain enabler giving the teams a strategic leap forward through mastering AM technology!

Our Educational formats

Together with TUM.Additive we collaborate with Technical University of Munich, merging AM research and startups. We link start-ups with research opportunities, driving AM innovation. We also host bi-weekly Open House AM Check-Ins, welcoming everyone to explore 3D printing and prototyping.

Hardware we offer

Our Co-Working Spaces

As an AM pre-development unit, our infrastructure enables your team to test and develop new processes, shapes and materials, from well-known technologies such as FFF, SLA, and LPBF to novel approaches such as bio-, food-, silicone- and nanoscale printing.


Our Team

Sascha Schwarz black and white

Dr.-Ing. Sascha Schwarz

Managing Director

Negar Shahmoradi VL AM

Negar Shahmoradi

Project Manager | Chapter Lead Healthcare x AM

Nick Loth VL AM

Nick Loth

Project Manager | Chapter Lead Industrial AM

Silija Breimann black and white

Silija Breimann

Working Student