Additive Manufacturing

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Selected Teams we work with...

We support teams across the AM value chain and various disciplines, helping them to sharpen and develop their AM-powered business ideas! Furthermore, we act as a cross-domain enabler giving the teams a strategic leap forward through mastering AM technology!

Hardware we offer

Our Team

Sascha Schwarz black and white

Dr.-Ing. Sascha Schwarz

Managing Director

Negar Shahmoradi VL AM

Negar Shahmoradi

Project Manager | Chapter Lead Healthcare x AM

Nick Loth VL AM

Nick Loth

Project Manager | Chapter Lead Industrial AM

Silija Breimann black and white

Silija Breimann

Working Student

Our Equipment & Co-Working Spaces

As an AM pre-development unit our infrastructure enables your team to test and develop new processes, shapes and materials, from well-known technologies such as FFF, SLA, and LPBF to novel approaches such as bio-, food-, silicon- and nanoscale printing.

Our Educational formats

Together with TUM.Additive we collaborate with Technical University of Munich, merging AM research and startups. We link start-ups with research opportunities, driving AM innovation. We also hosts bi-weekly Open House AM Check-Ins, welcoming everyone to explore 3D printing and prototyping.