Lecture Series: Additive Manufacturing

Gain valuable insights into the possibilities and applications of additive manufacturing!
Lecture TUM


About the course

Presently, numerous companies are investing in additive manufacturing technology in order to develop an alternative to conventional methods and to exploit the advantages of layerwise manufacturing techniques, such as a high degree of geometric design freedom.

The aim of the lecture series is to give students an insight into the possibilities and application areas of additive manufacturing.

The lecture series covers the following topics:
Introduction to additive manufacturing and market overview,
- Data preparation,
- Basics of process simulation,
- Additive manufacturing of metals,
- Additive manufacturing of polymers,
- Special procedures for additive processing of composite materials,
- Additive manufacturing in the aerospace industry,
- Additive manufacturing in the medical technology,
- Application-oriented simulation,
- Presentations by several industry partners and
- Live demonstration of additive manufacturing at the TUM.

Speakers from various chairs of the TUM and industry representatives will present different aspects and application areas of additive manufacturing and will discuss the technical challenges.

Students will also gain an insight into the research and activities in additive manufacturing at the chairs of the TUM.

Previous Knowledge Expected

The necessary basics are covered by the compulsory subjects of the B.Sc.
No special lectures, exercises or practical courses are required.


  • After participating in this module, the students are capable to
    understand and name the basic differences between additive and traditional manufacturing techniques
  • Identify suitable and unsuitable areas of application for additive manufacturing techniques
  • Formulate requirements to additive manufacturing in each area of application
  • Identify restrictions to the industrial application and formulate countermeasures.

picture: Scharger, Albert / TUM


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