Sustainability / Circular

We enable the entrepreneurial potential of talents and startups for sustainable environmental impact: We boost the translation of deep tech research into scalable, circular businesses with global reach. 

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We support venture teams that strive for impact in climate action, resilience, and resource management. 

Through our strong expert network, emerging sustainability startups are guided from the early discovery phase to incorporation and first external investment.

Teams we work with

Find some inspiring examples of great people, teams and topics we are honored to work with! 

Education offers

We provide entrepreneurs with sustainability & circular economy training and raise awareness for a greener future. 

By participating in our interdisciplinary offerings, you will be able to dive into your individual journey and discover, develop and elaborate on its potential. Benefit from domain experts' support and guidance.


Find us on campus! 

You can write, call or visit us at the Venture Lab Office on TUM Campus Straubing

Schulgasse 22 (First floor)
94315 Straubing


Discover our cutting-edge MakerSpace in Garching and in the Munich Urban Colab. Unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life as you gain exclusive access to our state-of-the-art hightech-workshops.

Stay tuned for the exciting addition of a new space coming soon to Straubing!


Our team

We are a dedicated international team driven by our passion for sustainability, striving to create a positive impact and lead the way in fostering a green transformation across the globe.

A portrait of Lars Eiermann

Dr. Lars Eiermann

Managing Director, Chief Sustainability Officer

A portrait of Florian Lintl

Florian Lintl

Operational Director

A portrait of Lucia Lara

Lucía Lara

Program Manager

A portrait of Lisa Jäger

Lisa Jäger

Operations Manager

Buechner Belinda ausschnitt

Belinda Büchner

Start-up Consultant

A portrait of Florian Jäger.

Florian Jäger

Start-up Consultant

Stefano Cutuli

Stefano Cutuli

Working Student

A portrait of Khalil Kaddoura

Khalil Kaddoura

Working Student

A portrait of Johannes Fottner

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Fottner

Academic Director

A portrait of Claudia Doblinger

Prof. Dr. Claudia Doblinger

Academic Director

GreenTech Venture Award 

This prestigious award recognizes startups that achieve a sustainable impact through their scalable business models.

Startups have the opportunity to pitch live on stage, to persuade the expert jury about their potential for a scalable business idea and creating a sustainable impact. The winning team is awarded with the GreenTech Venture Award, which includes a prize of 5,000 euros.

Students and scientists can contribute to addressing the most pressing environmental challenges of our time. Join us to demonstrate how the entrepreneurial approach holds the greatest potential for a global impact!

Find out more about the GreenTech Venture Award 2022

Stayed tuned for details on the GreenTech Venture Award 2024!


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