BayZeN Workshop Series: Meet the TUM Venture Labs

As part of the online workshop series organized by (BayZeN) Florian Lintl, Operational Director of the TUM Venture Lab Sustainability & Circular, is going to introduce the TUM Venture Labs.
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TUM Venture Labs are a joint initiative of TUM, the top-ranked technical university in the EU, and UnternehmerTUM, Europe’s largest entrepreneurship center.

Leveraging the unique research power, the goal is to increase the quality and quantity of scalable technology spin-offs and ventures in the region by a factor of ten. ​The resulting leading technology hub in Europe aims to become a driving force for the future technological sovereignty of the continent.


TUM Venture Labs are built on six operational pillars:

  • Outreach - Spreading making ourselves known.
  • Education - Providing educational offering to people on deep tech, entrepreneurship, and lab specific topics.
  • Venturing - Supporting startups in their development.
  • Events - Participate and organize inspiring events to facilitate knowleadge sharing and promote startups of our ecosystem.
  • Ecosystem - Building a network of experts, investors, insitutions, and partners with whom we collaborate.
  • Infrastructure - Building and offering infrastructure, such as labs and office spaces, to support our startups.