MakeaTUM Bionics Hackathon

Join us for the MakeaTUM Bionics Hackathon, where you can develop innovative bionic solutions in interdisciplinary teams. Get ready to be inspired by nature and unleash your creativity!
Wednesday, April 24, 2024
TUM Newton Building, Freisinger Landstraße 52, Garching
Makea TUM Pilz

For three days, you will learn about nature-based solutions, work with peers from different disciplines and campuses to tackle complex challenges as a team - with bionics. The challenge is open to all fields of study. 

Apply now!

Successful applicants will be invited to a 1.5h online matchmaking event at 3 p.m. on 18 April.

What is bionics or biomimicry?

Biomimicry is the study of nature's models and systems to solve problems. It seeks sustainable solutions by emulating nature's strategies. This can include looking at the structure, function, and behavior of living organisms, as well as entire ecosystems, to inspire new technologies, products, and designs. 

You can choose the challenge that best fits your interest - and get inspired by nature!


  • Waste-to-Value

    Natural systems know no waste - everything is a valuable input material to be broken down and reabsorbed in an infinite loop. Although part of this natural system, humans are the only species producing non-digestible waste. Additive manufacturing (AM) offers unique possibilities in bringing the ecological and technological worlds closer together to ultimately move away from a “take-make-waste” economy. Now it is your challenge to find economically viable ways that AM can bring these two worlds closer together in the manufacturing world via novel bio-inspired materials, processes, and products.


  • Edible Packaging

    Millions of frozen pizzas are produced every day! Even though the PE film that keeps them fresh is recyclable, it would be much better if there were no film at all. What could a waterproof, edible packaging for such a product look like? Find nature-based inspiration to develop a sustainable, edible, and maybe also delicious packaging (film) for moist foods such as pizza.


  • Water

    Water is essential for life and shapes ecosystems, cultures, and economies. Alarmingly, it's becoming scarcer due to overuse and the impacts of climate change, affecting agriculture, industry, and everyday human needs. Altered precipitation patterns lead to droughts and floods, calling for new approaches in its management and conversation. Your challenge is to find biomimetic solutions for water filtration, collection, and management.


  • Fibers

    In textiles and fashion, the need for sustainability and innovation is increasingly pressing. Though functional, traditional manufacturing processes and materials often exact a high environmental toll through water and energy consumption, pollution, and waste. The fashion industry bears a notorious environmental footprint, significantly contributing to global emissions and landfill waste. Your challenge: draw inspiration from biomimicry to develop novel textile and fiber concepts for fashion and industry that advance the sector’s strides towards sustainability.


  • Reinventing the Wheel

    The wheel, a timeless invention, needs a 21st-century update. Modern tires, mostly from non-renewable fossil fuels, bring environmental challenges like resource depletion and pollution. They release microplastics and worsen waste disposal issues. A biomimicry-inspired approach offers sustainable innovation in wheel design and manufacturing. Your challenge: envision the 21st-century biomimicry wheel and a moonshot business model for it.


  • Open track

    Are you the kind of person who feels a tingling sensation of excitement when staring at a blank piece of paper? Is your favorite rule that there are no rules? Then you're the perfect candidate to apply for the open track, where you and your group of like-minded colour-outside-the-lines pioneers will have no boundaries in what challenge to tackle - you will set it yourselves. Elevate biomimicry to the next level and stare into the abyss until it stares back!