ContainerGrid Team


ContainerGrid vertically integrates recycling and waste management to facilitate procurement of secondary raw materials. The platform orchestrates and aggregates waste trade operations to optimize recycling and enable manufacturing fast access.

Founding challenges

The biggest challenge lied in understanding how the market really worked in order to create a scalable, material-agnostic business model. Furthermore, it was not easy for them to balance out interests across business types and sizes. Last but not least, prioritizing between
platform services was really tough for the team. There were so many great things to build!

How the Venture Lab helped

The Venture Lab Sustainability & Circular supported through

  • Strategic roadmap advice
  • Impact metric definition
  • Arrangement of meetings with recycling conglomerates and OEMs
  • Connection to talents inside the TUM entrepreneurship ecosystem

Advice for founders

  • Stringently prioritize your vision in decision making.
  • Always keep your team aligned on high-level objectives.
  • Don't be afraid to go out too early but stay realistic.
  • Accept that reaching milestones will take longer than expected.