Connect, Learn, and Grow at HACK'N'TALK - CIRCULAR REPUBLIC Special, the Premier Community Event for Entrepreneurs and Innovators!
Freddie-Mercury-Straße 5

Connect, Learn, and Grow at HACK'N'TALK, the Premier Community Event for Entrepreneurs and Innovators!

The event starts with an introduction to the UnternehmerTUM ecosystem, laying the foundation for an incredible lineup created in collaboration with CIRCULAR REPUBLICand MakerSpace as the partner of this HACK'N'TALK event.

This HACK'N'TALK @ CIRCULAR REPUBLIC FESTIVAL focuses on circular transformation in our economy. Circular economy is not just a mere concept; it represents a paradigm shift in approaching resource management and economic systems. At this event, you will explore the far-reaching impacts of circular economy practices on every aspect of our lives.

Get ready to be inspired by a prominent figure in the entrepreneurship world who will shine a light on groundbreaking developments in the circular economy. More details about the speaker will be unveiled shortly.

Following the talk, we'll dive into an interactive Q&A session, giving participants a chance to engage with the Keynote Speaker and share burning questions.

But that's not all – ambitious future founders will be provided with a remarkable opportunity to showcase the projects they have been working on during the CIRCULAR HACKFEST to shine on stage! In just 1-minute pitches, they will blow your mind with their innovative circular economy projects. The excitement will be palpable as they bask in the spotlight, eager to receive valuable feedback and engage in thrilling sparring sessions. It's a rollercoaster of excitement, innovation, and limitless potential!

To further enhance your experience, an exclusive MakerSpace tour will be offered, granting you firsthand exposure to cutting-edge technologies.

Networking is a vital component of any entrepreneurial gathering, and at HACK'N'TALK, this aspect is prioritized. Connect with fellow entrepreneurs, investors, and industry professionals, forging valuable connections that can propel your start-up journey forward.

We can't wait to welcome you to HACK'N'TALK and connect with you!