Regenerative Capitalism - How to get it done, now!

Our one-hour panel discussion on the topic of "Regenerative Capitalism - How to Get it Done, Now!" hosted by the Club of Rome, the Max Planck Foundation, the TUM Venture Labs as part of the Circular Republic Festival.
CR panel

The primary aim of this panel is to deliberate on tangible measures to create incentives for startups and established companies. The emphasis is on fostering a regenerative economy where "sustainable development" and "responsible leadership" are upheld as the standard “by default, not by design practice”. Following the discussion, we plan to draft a white paper outlining action-based implementations for the next 2-5 years.

What would make regenerative organisations viable and widespread? This is one of the key questions being asked by The Fifth Element, an initiative from The Club of Rome and partners. To find out more visit

This event is a collaborative effort by The Club of Rome, the Max Planck Foundation, and the TUM Venture Labs.


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