We enable large-format 3D printing for industrial production with high-performance polymers like PAEKs. We monitor and control the surface temperature for optimal print quality, enhance layer adhesion, achieve injection molding quality bonding, and eliminate print failures.

Founding Challenges

Our biggest challenges: Juggling technical domains, addressing user pain points, and finding target applications while building a business, prioritizing strategic elements, internalizing core tasks, and minimizing risks to maximize progress towards MVP and accelerate time to market.

How the Venture Labs help us

The Venture Lab AM provides valuable guidance for business strategy, market analysis, business model, go-to-market strategy, fundraising, operations, networking, leadership, and personal growth. Their expertise and network helped shape our start up idea and navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Advice for founders

Find people you can comfortably discuss your ideas with. They’ll help you identify blind spots, assess plans with domain expertise, and connect you to valuable networks. Learning from their experience helps you grow. Maximize success by leveraging their insights, advice, and guidance.