micro factory

Strascheg Award


Micro factory is pioneering in SLA 3D printing by launching a desktop machine that automates printing, washing, and curing. Our innovation enhances safety by containing hazardous materials and offers scalability for mass production; all managed via cloud connectivity.

Founding challenges

The biggest challenge for us was to create a fully automated system that could ensure user safety while operating with highly toxic SLA resins. Achieving this within a desktop-sized machine was a significant engineering feat that demanded novel solutions.

How the Venture Labs help us

The Venture Lab Additive Manufacturing supported us with a lot of feedback during the development process, connected us to material partners and events and allowed us to manufacture parts of our prototypes.

Advice for founders

If you have an innovative idea but lack the resources or network, don't underestimate the power of a strong incubator or venture lab. They can provide not only infrastructure but also invaluable mentorship, guidance and access to the community.