SLA Page Image

What is it good for?

Stereolitography (SLA) offers high-resolution and precise 3D printing, excelling in creating intricate details and smooth finishes across various applications.

What kind of materials can I print?

Standard Resin, High-Temperature Resin, Flexible Resin Shore 80A & 50A, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), Tough Resin, Wax-based Resin for Casting, Breakable Resins for sacrificial casting molds.

What kind of devices does the VL AM have?

Formlabs Form 3B+ (14.5x14.5x18.5 cm, min. layer height: 25 µm)

Anycubic Photon Mono X (19x12x25 cm, min. layer height: 50 µm)

Loctite EQ PR10.1 ( 19.2x10.8x25 cm, min. layer height: 12 µm)

How can I access it?

Reach out to us via mail.
Bi-weekly AM CheckIn.