1E9 - Festival of the Future

Let’s prompt to the collective intelligence of the brightest minds in tech, science and art! July 6 to 8 2023 at the Forum der Zukunft of Deutsches Museum, Munich.
1 E9 Visual 2023

Don’t miss the most exciting technology and future event of the year! At the "Festival of the Future" you’ll meet thought leaders, founders of great start-ups, leading investors, scientists, artists and newcomers. Understand the latest developments in AI, LifeSciences, Quantum Computing, New Space, Web3, Metaverse, Energy, Mobility and ClimateTech. Get your hands on technology and let art, music and a unique location inspire you!

Various Venture Labs are supporting this event:

  • Venture Lab AM:

    Print (y)our future: the next level of Additive Manufacturing

    Additive Manufacturing (AM) will fundamentally change (y)our future for the better and enable us to create a more sustainable world! We will discuss, together with AM experts from academia, industry, and the start-up world, what the future of AM will look like and thus give you a glimpse into how industrial AM, bioprinting, generative design, and algorithmic engineering will impact our everyday life.