Munich Quantum Instruments

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At Munich Quantum Instruments, we develop photonic quantum sensors that enable breakthrough discoveries and disruptive applications such as optical quantum computers, quantum sensing, deep space optical communication, and quantum communication. 
Our mission is to make quantum phenomena accessible on an industrial scale, enabling everyone to benefit from the upcoming quantum revolution. We believe that quantum technologies are truly disruptive and will enable novel applications, much like how the internet revolutionized our daily lives.

How the Venture Lab helped us

  • Visibility: Through the invitation to multiple events, we could get in contact with industry partners, investors and people that could support us on our journey.
  • Talent access: Building a strong team is essential for realizing our vision. The Venture Lab team helped us with their connections into the student community and to academic organizations.
  • Infrastructure: The Venture Lab provides us with additional office space in the "Venture Box" - right on the campus and in direct vicinity of our labs. They also provide valuable help with access to institutional infrastructure like clean rooms or characterization equipment within the university and beyond.