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Welcome to the Quantum Landing Pad – your gateway to establish a presence in Europe's quantum capital Munich and Bavaria.
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What is the Quantum Landing Pad?

We want to support you in setting up a local foothold in Munich/Bavaria and to integrate you into our Bavarian quantum ecosystem. We assist you along the entire journey, from initial exploration over navigating the local legal and tax requirements to moving into your new office or lab space. What we want from you in return? Nothing more than active participation within our ecosystem. 

The Quantum Landing Pad is a collaboration of Invest in Bavaria, Munich Quantum Valley and TUM Venture Lab Quantum at the intersection of quantum technology and entrepreneurship.

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Why should you consider Munich and Bavaria?

  • Quantum ecosytem: The region boasts numerous networks and initiatives aimed at fostering collaboration among academia, industry, and public institutions to propel quantum technology adoption. Examples include the Munich Quantum Valley, the Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology (MCQST) or the Quantum Business Network (QBN).
  • Access to talent and expertise: With TUM and LMU – two leading European universities in natural sciences offering quantum-focused degrees – at your doorstep, Bavaria is a hub for nurturing the next generation of quantum experts. It also attracts world-class researchers to institutions like the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics or the Walter Meissner Institute.
  • Quantum business prospects: Bavaria is home to a host of global enterprises actively exploring the application of quantum technology in their respective industries. Notable examples include companies such as Airbus, BMW, and Infineon - all of which collaborate with local entrepreneurs to explore quantum use cases.
  • Global perspectives: Munich and Bavaria has established itself as a global hub for deep tech entrepreneurship, attracting international start-ups and becoming the focal point for venture capital attention. Initiatives like the local technology incubator UnternehmerTUM foster a conductive environment for start-up exchange and growth.

How can you participate?

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