Quantum Diamonds

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QuantumDiamonds GmbH is leveraging diamond-based quantum sensing to unlock the invisible in various applications, from semiconductor manufacturing over battery research to providing a new diagnostics platform in the healthcare industry. 

Our quantum sensing technology involves sensors which are solid-state qubits embedded within diamonds known as the nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center. Quantum sensing with NV-centers breaks physical barriers in regard to spatial resolution and sensitivity unmatchable by classical sensors. NV centers operate at room temperature, without the need for additional shielding from the Earth's magnetic field, and contain electronic spins with long coherence times. The spin states can be optically activated and any changes to them optically detected. This allows for ultra-precise measurements of magnetic fields and other physical properties.

How the Venture Labs helped us

  • Coaching & encouragement: In the beginning of our journey, the encouragement and guidance by the Venture Labs was crucial to get our project off the ground. We got to participate in multiple events and competitions like the TUM IdeaAward and could later participate in the partner programs Xplore and Xpreneurs. This allowed us to build-up Quantum Diamonds along all crucial dimensions on our way towards incorporation.  
  • Team & talent access: The network of the Venture Labs allowed us to find new team members and to build a strong multi-disciplinary team. 
  • Industry connections: While exploring different use-cases for our quantum sensing technology, we could get in contact with various large industry players through events organized by the Venture Labs or through direct introductions from the Venture Lab team. These collaborations are essential for the further development of our sensing platform. 
  • Mentors: Through the participation in Xpreneurs and the connections of the Venture Labs, we got introduced to multiple highly experienced mentors and advisors that now help us to establish our technology within the industry.  

Today, we're still happy to be an active member of the TUM Venture Labs community to exchange with other founders, to participate in events and to continuously grow our network.