IdeaLab Workshop

2-day workshop for PhDs and postdocs to transform quantum research into commercial applications.
Venture Lab Quantum Idea Lab Workshop


Welcome to the IdeaLab Quantum, our workshop format supporting PhDs and postdocs with translating their quantum research into commercial use cases. The two-day program provides you with the tools to identify practical applications of your work and best practices for establishing a research-based start-up. Our main objective is to bridge the gap between academic research and entrepreneurial action, leveraging scientific expertise for societal benefits.

In the workshop, you will learn how to dissect your research into its core technologies to identify potential commercial use cases. The program also provides you with comprehensive guidance on how to launch a deep tech start-up, covering the entire process from IP-management to customer acquisition. Additionally, you will get the chance to practice communicating your ideas effectively to non-technical audiences. Hence, the IdeaLab equips you with the necessary skills to turn your academic work into impactful innovations.


The IdeaLab Quantum welcomes PhD candidates and postdocs with research in quantum technologies and related fields – regardless of your department, faculty or institute affiliation.

We host the IdeaLab regularly. To apply for the next date or to join our waitlist to stay informed about upcoming sessions, please use the link provided below.