Serino team


At Serino, we harness NIR Quantum Dot (QD) optical sensors to unveil the unseen across industries, revolutionizing quality control, sustainability, and data precision. Our vision is to inspire a sensory network that redefines perception and empowers individuals and industries worldwide.

Through innovation, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to sustainability, Serino is leading the evolution of NIR QD optical sensors, facilitating the machine-material direct interactions, expanding human potential and enhancing decision-making on a global scale.

How the Venture Labs helped us

  • Network: Through the Venture Labs and UnternehmerTUM networks we got introduced to partner programs like Xpreneurs where we got access to best-in-class trainings, investor community and large pool of advisors.
  • Coaching & Encouragement: Throughout our growth journey, Venture Lab Quantum has consistently fostered collaboration and encouraged us to transition from the lab to the market with confidence. We have also greatly appreciated their invaluable support and feedback on our pitch decks and value proposition at every crucial juncture.
  • Visibility: Being an active member, we have been invited to participate in numerous events such as Analytica and Laser World of Photonics. These initiatives increased Serino's visibility as we advanced toward our incorporation.