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We are building quantum computers that store information in individual atoms - nature's best qubits. The atoms are arranged in highly scalable arrays and can be manipulated with precisely controlled laser pulses. With this technology we have a unique advantage to scale our quantum computers to thousands of qubits and create industry-relevant quantum advantage. 

How the Venture Lab helped us

  • Coaching & funding: On the way to our seed funding round we received valuable feedback from the Venture Lab Quantum on our pitch deck and the perspective of an investor. This allowed us to sharpen our value proposition and to distinguish us from other quantum computing start-ups 
  • Network: In the process of incorporating planqc, the network of the Venture Labs and UnternehmerTUM gave us contacts to lawyers, notaries and other experts which allowed us to speed-up the process of creating planqc

Today, we are still collaborating closely with the Venture Lab Quantum to drive Munich's quantum ecosystem and to empower the next generation of quantum tech founders.