"successfully delivered? Wie Start-Ups die Zukunft der Stadt prägen"

Paneldiscussion at "will PROXIMITY still MATTER?"
Arcisstr. 21, Munich // Room 2345, 2nd Floor Thierschbau
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Due to the progress in digital networking, increased working from home and the growing range of delivery services, the need for physical proximity is being called into question. Start-ups develop solutions for smart logistics, but also for the optimized use of physical spaces. How do start-ups shape the future of our cities? And do we still need proximity? In the panel discussion “successfully delivered? How start-ups are shaping the future of the city” various positions will be examined with guests from research and start-ups.

We look forward to the opinion of the experts Emil Pabst (VEOMO), Dr. Victoria von Groddeck (LMU Institute of Sociology), Peter Blösl (B4B Logistics, Hermes), Dr. Elias Pajares (plan4better) and Malte Köditz (spaciv). Moderation: Dr.-Ing. Christos Chantzaras.

The panel discussion is part of "will PROXIMITY still MATTER?": a conference for everyone by the Chair of Urban Development at TUM and Prof. Dr. Alain Thierstein - with a variety of exciting contributions from a wide range of topics and actors from March 18th to 22nd, 2024.