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What Emidat offers

We are building the leading environmental data intelligence for the construction industry. We collect environmental data at the material manufacturers and distribute it along the value chain via our natural language API.

With 11% of global GHG emissions, embodied carbon in buildings (from material extraction, production, transportation and afterlife) is among the biggest emitters worldwide. Emidat tackles this by helping building material manufacturers understand and reduce their products' environmental footprint. These third-party-verified, granular data are then made accessible via an API to upstream value chain actors. This will make Emidat the go-to environmental data source and optimizer along the whole construction value chain.

How we helped Emidat

  • Infrastructure: We provided full access to our Venture Lab Built Environment Co-working & Office Space 
  • Outreach: We helped the team to participate in major startup events. We established connections to investors and experts that were interested in working with the team as well as access to appropriate and helpful incubator programs.