Learning from Silicon Valley – Scaling Impact as Architect

How can architectural skills and tools be used to change the world on a larger scale? Why are Silicon Valley companies so successful and impactful, but firms in the design and construction industry are not?
Learning from Silicon Valley


In this course, we address these questions. Architecture no longer takes place solely in building design. With architectural design thinking, it can create new systems and can design companies for livable built environments and urban futures. For architecture it is time to learn from Silicon Valley, what architecture should and should not adopt from it, to scale its impact. The course in English language empowers students to look at their potential in an entrepreneurial way. They students train how to deal with complexity, how to develop a substantial idea from and present it. From the topics of future of work/ of living/ of production/ of construction, they conceptualize their start-up and reinterpret the role of the architect. The students conclude with a pitch report consisting of a presentation, a report and a paper prototype of their ideas for the world.


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