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What revitalyze offers

The construction sector's significant environmental impact, including high CO2 emissions and waste generation, underscores the urgency for sustainable solutions. They offer an all-in-one platform for circular building material reuse


By addressing low material recycling rates and encouraging the use of recyclates, it reduces environmental impact. With a tech-driven approach prioritizing high-quality materials and efficiency, revitalyze outperforms competitors in material matching and market reach. Acting as a comprehensive service provider, it manages quality control, logistics, documentation, and payments, ensuring a consistent material supply for buyers. 


This platform not only promotes environmental sustainability but also streamlines the construction industry's transition towards circular economy practices, aligning with global efforts to mitigate resource depletion and waste accumulation.

How we helped revitalyze

  • Outreach

We established connections to industry experts and our start-up community. We enhanced public awareness and fostered connections to valuable industry partners. 

  • Infrastructure

We provided full access to our Venture Lab Built Environment Co-working & Office Space.