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What visonation offers 

They automate the creation of Web-VR Experiences for Real Estate Marketing, aiming to overcome barriers like high development costs and hardware requirements. Their approach democratizes virtual experiences by integrating them into a web platform, eliminating the need for additional hardware. 

Their technology stack includes an automation pipeline for creating premium virtual experiences at substantially reduced costs and a cutting-edge real-time 3D cloud streaming solution, delivering photorealistic, interactive VR experiences to any web-enabled device. Their experiences allow potential buyers to customize properties with various interior styles, flooring, bathroom, and kitchen options.

They provide top-tier virtual experiences and animations to real estate developers, meeting the growing demand for dynamic visuals across social media, web, and point of sale. While many companies offer VR experiences, their edge lies in high-end 3D automation and web streaming capabilities.

How we helped visonation

  • Outreach

We supported the team to enhance public awareness, providing a stage at key start-up events. We established connections to industry experts and first customers that were interested in working with the team as well as early support for public grand applications. 

  • Domain-specific Feedback

We helped to foster connections to academic experts within the TUM network to evaluate and optimize the given solutions.

  • Infrastructure

We provided full access to our Venture Lab Built Environment Co-working & Office Space.