Healthcare Innovation Program (HIP)

Do you want to learn about healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship? Join ambitious students, healthcare professionals, scientists, and working professionals and be matched in a team to solve a healthcare challenge (approx. 5 hours per week).


The next Nixdorf Forum will take place on June 20th, 2024.

• Present your team’s prototype at the grand Nixdorf-Forum, with academia, industry, and finance in attendance
• Win award for best prototype and network with industry contacts
• Receive 6 free workshops, invitations to team events with meals, and prototype support
• Best of all, the program is free of charge for those who are accepted!
HIP is intended for ambitious individuals interested in “learning” about healthcare entrepreneurship while also applying their learnings to a real healthcare challenge. The themes are:
• Computer-aided decision-making in medical care (2023)
• Digital therapeutics as a new treatment option for diseases (2024)
• Patient-centred telemedicine - how medicine gets to the patient (2025)
The Healthcare Innovation Program (HIP), sponsored by the Heinz Nixdorf-Stiftung, is dedicated to the idea of solving healthcare challenges with digital solutions and encourage digital-AI healthcare entrepreneurship.

Registrations is expected to be April/May 2024.

  • Participants are introduced to healthcare challenges at the Nixdorf Forum
  • Participants are assessed in terms of areas of interest and preferred healthcare challenge
  • Matchmaking between participants and challenge partners happen
  • Teams form and 6 workshops are planned within the year to educate participants
  • Teams work on a prototype (5 hours per week) over the course of 1 year to solve the challenge
  • Teams present their prototypes at the Nixdorf Forum 2025 and potentially win awards

Expected Knowledge Gained:

  1. Sustainable Business Models in Healthcare and Defining your USP
  2. Understand Venture Capital, Business Angels and other Financing Opportunities
  3. Learn about corporate structure, IP, and DeGA
  4. Sessions with healthcare entrepreneurs and startups
  5. Session with VC
  6. New network with other ambitious, smart individuals, and more!

If you have any questions, reach out to

Apply · until May 1, 2024

Who is the program for and how can I apply?

Do you code? OR Are you good with business? OR Are you strong at science? OR Do you like data science? OR Are you interested in learning new skills? HIP is open for every types of skills.

HIP is a low-intensity program (1 year, 5 hours/week). Its goal is to give you enough basics so that you will have more confidence to potentially be a healthcare innovator after completion of the program. After the program, qualified interested individuals might get entry into TUM Venture Labs Healthcare to begin their entrepreneurship journey.

We are open to students, doctoral students and scientific staff, medical/nursing staff, professionals from all faculties and institutes interested in healthcare innovation. Applications are expected to be open in early 2024.