Intelligent Machine Design Lab [I.MDL]

The I.MDL - Intelligent Machine Design Lab offers a multi-semester course series enabling TUM master's students to develop complex mechatronic systems, fostering independent idea generation and prototype creation.
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The I.MDL - Intelligent Machine Design Lab is part of a multi-semester course series, which aims to enable TUM master's students to develop and build complex and powerful mechatronic systems with high social and economic relevance. Students learn to develop product ideas independently and to transfer them step-by-step into near-series product prototypes. After completing the module series, students will be able to evolve complex mechatronic-system projects. Particular focus is placed on the development of multi-disciplinary design and integration skills and their use in an interdisciplinary team.

Study goals

After successful completion of the course, students have gained in-depth practical knowledge and skills about systems design and are able to develop complex mechatronic systems and product prototypes. In addition, students have developed and advanced skills in problem-solving, team-work and time management. Hence, they are capable of designing market-ready products.


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