10. Expert Session - TUM Venture Lab Healthcare

Our Expert Sessions take place on a monthly basis. We invite speakers of different topics that are either focused on healthcare entrepreneurship or on important information for founders in general. The 10th Expert Session will take place together with the Techniker Krankenkasse.
Einsteinstrasse 25, Muenchen
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Die Techniker is the largest public health insurance with more than 11 million customers in Germany, and has frequently been awarded the best German health insurance (Focus-Money 7/2023).
Turning your idea into reality can be challenging, especially in the German healthcare market.
As an innovative healthcare partner, Die Techniker is driving the digital progress in healthcare by pioneering services for founders and startups.
Serina Nagl and Johannes Kohl from Die Techniker will guide you through the challenges you might face and show you how health insurances can help in transforming ideas for the healthcare market into reality.