11. Expert Session - TUM Venture Lab Healthcare

Our Expert Sessions take place on a monthly basis. We invite speakers of different topics that are either focused on healthcare entrepreneurship or on information for founders in general. The 11th Expert Session will take place together with Dr. Tobias Kruse from Trials24.
Einsteinstrasse 25, Muenchen
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Join our 11th Expert Session with Dr. Tobias Kruse, CEO of Trials24 GmbH: From Zero to Over 1 Million €: Exciting Solo Founder Journey revealed!
He is a TUM Alumni and will dive into his entrepreneurial journey in the world of pharma and clinical trials. His talk, "From €0 to Over €1,000,000: How I Bootstrapped a Digital Service Business For Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment in the Pharma Industry as a Solo Founder," is a candid summary of his challenges and triumphs in building a successful digital service business from the ground up, as a solo founder, and without raising outside investments from business angels or venture capital.
Understand the complexities of the pharma industry, especially in clinical trial recruitment.
Learn practical strategies for bootstrapping a business in a niche and highly regulated market.
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