12. Expert Session - TUM Venture Lab Healthcare

On a monthly basis, we invite speakers of different topics that are either focused on healthcare entrepreneurship or on general information for founders. The 12th Expert Session will take place with Eugen Reger and Andreas Happold who will speak about medtech device registration.
Einsteinstrasse 25, Muenchen, TranslaTUM, kleines Auditorium
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Join our 12th Expert Session with Eugen Reger and Andreas Happold! They will speak about the process on how to register your medical device. You will have the chance to ask them all your questions and network with like-minded people. 

They will cover these main points:

  • Is my device a medical device?
  • How do I classify my medical device?
  • How do I do(cument) the development?
  • What are the critical steps when bringing it to the market?

Please be aware that this session starts one hour earlier than usual: at 04pm. See you there!