Space Day

The TUM Professorship for Human Spaceflight Technology, in collaboration with Yuris Night Deutschland e.V association, presents Space Day; a family event for everyone interested in (human) spaceflight.
TUM Department of Aerospace and Geodesy
Poster for Space Day on 13th of April

Yuri's Night is the global celebration of manned departure into space. On April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first person to orbit the Earth once in his spaceship Vostok 1. With his legendary flight, he opened the gate to the cosmos for humanity and secured an immortal place for himself in the history of planetary development. (

The program includes talks (the 2 German reserve astronauts, a space “chef”, among other interesting talks…), hands-on activities (Soyuz-simulator, VR), a space quiz (with small presents for the little future space explorers) and stands to inform about what we do. And… for the Star Wars fans, there will be the 501st legion with us!

There will be stands from the Yuris Night Association, but also TUM Venture labs, Munich Aerospace, WARR, to show the visitors what we do. It is a perfect opportunity to show specially to “our neighbors” in Ottobrunn and its surroundings the amazing things we are doing!