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Unlock Your Future: Join our Startup Career Fair for Students! Discover exciting opportunities, network with innovative companies, and kickstart your career in the dynamic world of startups
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Startup Career Fair

Welcome to our Startup Career Fair for Students! Our startups are thrilled to engage with you and share their groundbreaking ideas. We warmly welcome students from all academic backgrounds, as the diversity of our startups is as vast as your interests. Below, you can get a glimpse of the innovative companies you'll have the chance to connect with at the Career Fair.

Spark e-Fuels

"Spark e-Fuels' goal is to enable net-zero aviation before 2030 by developing cutting-edge technologies for affordable and sustainable e-fuels production. Want to join our vision of sustainable aviation? We are looking for fellow green tech enthusiasts, like you!"


"VÆRIDION is accelerating the green transformation of aviation with a small electric aircraft that will be certified and delivered before 2030. The innovative design of the microliner is designed for perfect aerodynamics and maximum energy efficiency. This allows high ranges to be achieved with available battery and propulsion technology. VÆRIDION's microliner enables connections between numerous existing regional airfields. 

Would you like to become part of this exciting story and change the world of flying sustainably together with us? We are always looking for new employees. Discover our current job openings at the Career Fair or send us an unsolicited application!"

" offers comprehensive flight services using our reusable balloon platform that sets the standard for stratospheric flights!

Our team of seasoned professionals provides a full-service flight experience, including payload integration, launch preparation, real-time flight monitoring, and post-flight analysis. Our reusable balloon platform is designed to provide a cost-effective and sustainable solution for accessing the stratosphere, making it an ideal choice for NewSpace companies and research groups looking to test and validate payloads for space or conduct high-altitude research.We are looking for young professionals to expand our team in Munich."

Future Space Architecture

"Our mission is shaping the future of in-orbit space logistics by the development, testing, and deployment of groundbreaking specialized in-orbit spacecraft and infrastructures.
We are scouting for talents ready to pioneer in an innovative fast-paced startup environment. Are you passionate, committed, and looking to channel your skills to make a difference in space logistics? If so, we'd love to learn more about you!"


"Join us in shaping the future of space safety! AcTLAbS is on a mission to protect vital satellite infrastructure from the growing threat of space debris. We're pioneering cutting-edge space-based systems and machine learning to ensure accuracy in debris detection and trajectory estimation. Be part of our team to safeguard space exploration and keep the safety-critical infrastructure running for generations to come."

Neutron Star Systems

"NSS develops highly efficient electric propulsion systems for the spacecraft needs of the future using magnetoplasmadynamic acceleration and superconducting coil technology.

Would you enjoy being part of this cutting-edge research conducted in collaborations with international partners and work at the forefront of the development of this exiting technology? Then let us tell you more about opportunities with us!"


"At SPACE-SHIP, our vision is inspired by our extensive experience within the shipping industry, where we uncovered numerous untapped opportunities for technological advancement. We believe that the future of the maritime industry hinges on the widespread adoption of real-time data and artificial intelligence. Our vision is to harness the power of these technologies to revolutionize the industry, driving efficiency, safety, sustainability, and innovation"
We’re dedicated to helping our customers achieve previously untapped operational efficiencies and to unlocking the maritime industry's potential in servicing the world in a sustainable manner. We are eager to talk to you if you are!"


"TALOS is a new space startup based in Munich developing and delivering a unique IoT solution to track animals or other assets globally, seamlessly and directly from space, without the need for terrestrial infrastructure.

Our major and most impactful use case is to track wildlife allowing researchers to protect endangered species, detect climate change or the early stages of animal diseases.

The company was founded in 2022 and is now looking at scaling its staff capacity to accommodate further projects."


"Excellion is a Munich-based B2B hardware company selling ultra-reliable battery systems for aerospace, leveraging state-of-the-art automotive battery technology to increase performance and lower cost in traditionally conservative markets. Excellion’s battery system technology is based on the extensive team expertise in battery cell and system engineering, stemming from aerospace (Ex-Lilium), automotive (Ex-BMW) and scientific research.

You love batteries? Join us!"

Maple Aviation GmbH

"We are defining next level of aviation by developing one of the most advanced eVTOL technologies for unmanned applications.

Are you interested to be part of the future of aerial transport? Do you want to work in a dynamic and fast pace environment to develop top notch propulsion and energy systems? Or maybe you love to investigate new business concepts and financing opportunities? Then we would love to get to know you!"


"Join us in pioneering the future of zero-emission aviation. Be part of a transformative team pushing boundaries with hydrogen technologies. Engage in multifaceted roles from mechanical design to software engineering, contributing significantly towards sustainable aviation innovations. Elevate your career, applying academic insights in a real-world, impactful, and groundbreaking aerospace project. 🌿✈️🌏"