The Pool

What if you could join a pool of 30 ambitious, interdisciplinary talents to form a team, build an AI-based MVP, and pitch to VCs? What if all your fellow talents were alumni of some of the best entrepreneurship programs with real experience in startup methods and tools? Welcome to THE POOL!
Munich Urban Colab, Freddie-Mercury-Str. 5, 80797 Munich
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What is The Pool?

It’s like a hackathon with NBA all star players of the Munich startup ecosystem. All participants are / have been selected because they have previously been educated in entrepreneurship and built startup MVPs themselves. The Pool is a pressure cooking event with participants needing to find a team, ideating and validating a business idea, and building a prototype - on their own. Of course, we help with whatever you need if you ask for it. But it is up to you how far you can take it.