Angsa Robotics

2023 06 Angsa Robotics HP


We create the first robot for outdoor trash removal an all surfaces.

Founding Challenges

Our biggest challenges: Disrupting a traditional market with modern technology by offering a completely new value add, fundraising for a robotics start-up in a difficult market environment, bringing a robotics idea from paper sketch to MVP with limited resources, and transforming a minimum viable prototype into a market-ready certified product

How the Venture Labs help us

The Venture Lab Robotics provides guidance in technical and non-technical matters, a broad network into the robotics industry and access to its infrastructure, the Makerspace and tools, which helped us to build our most recent prototype.

Advice for founders

Look for a problem, not a solution. Think early about a how you want to finance you start-up – not every start-up is a Venture Capital case and in many cases, bootstrapping through customer projects or collaborating with a strategic partner might be a better way to go. Depending on the financing, plan sufficient time for fundraising. Exchange yourself with other founders who have already gone a similar way.