Team photo of Delta Orbit

What We Offer

DeltaOrbit develops Space Mobility Platforms with an unmatched level of agility and efficiency. The core technologies are methane-oxygen in-space engines which are designed and integrated in-house.

Founding Challenges

The biggest challenges so far were the writing of our EXIST transfer research proposal and the search for suitable co-founders. Another challenge that shouldn’t be underestimated is the time it takes to open a bank account in Germany. It took us 1.5 months to open accounts for our holding companies and the main company.

How VL Helped Us

The TUM Venture Lab Aerospace was our entrance door into the space startup community around Munich. Their cooperation with Dassault Systems enables us to use professional design software free of charge, to visit important events and to present DeltaOrbit in their network.

The Venture Labs are our sparring partner for virtually any topic. They have a vast network, and we frequently profit from warm introductions.

Our Advice for Founders

The TUM ecosystem is a perfect place to kick-off your start-up journey. Make use of all the great offers and definitely talk to the Venture Labs. Be pro-active, write MOMs and send reminders.