Devanthro 2023 02


Devanthro envisions a future where robodies are in every home, enabling instant access to human care and companionship for anyone, anytime, anywhere. A truly global and connected business, bringing together those who care with those who need it. By augmenting human care with cutting-edge telerobotics, AI, VR, and telecommunication technologies, Devanthro’s disruptive solution addresses the caregiver shortage and holds the promise to improve the lives of millions of families with people in need of care.

Founding Challenges

Seeking a commercially-minded co-founder willing to devote the next 10 years of his or her life to building Devanthro; funding the capital-intensive development of humanoid robotic avatars.

How the Venture Labs help us

The Venture Lab Robotics & AI serves as the vital nexus for Devanthro within the local ecosystem, fostering strong connections to researchers, corporations, founders, investors, and engineers. The TUM Venture Lab enhances this connective environment by offering a co-working space shared with other pioneering robotics startups. This vibrant community nurtures an interchange of both entrepreneurial insights and robotic engineering expertise, offering invaluable support in building our business.

Advice for founders

Deployment is harder than you think. Interfaces are harder than you think. Reliability is harder than you think. Focus on making these things as simple as possible. Also, hardware will break in unintuitive and unexpected ways - go test in the real world as fast as possible.