VL RAI - Ease


What if having healthy, personalized ready to eat meals could be as convenient as streaming a song on Spotify? With ease, we’re making that a reality, with freshly cooked, tailored meals available on every corner, made in minutes by our 1m² autonomous “Robo-Kitchens”.

Founding Challenges

Balancing technology development and doing things today that move us forward. Finding the right point for a design freeze (innovative but not too many R&D risks). Focusing on our strategy, and doing the most important things. Not letting ourselves get carried away by attractive seeming distractions, along the path.

How the Venture Labs help us

The Venture Lab Robotics and AI provides us with the outside perspective and guidance on the most important decisions we have to make, especially concerning the technological approach we're taking and also helps connect with the right people to move things forward.

Advice for founders

I know it's a truism at this point, but try to do everything you do in the leanest fashion possible (yes, also if you're developing hardware) and always ask yourself why you're doing something and whether you really need to do it. Test out things early and try to increase the velocity with which you're learning new things about your business and the domain you're in. Or in short: Get up from your desk and go engage with the world!