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Interdisciplinary preclinical research from the fields of oncology, immunology, and nuclear medicine has resulted in the creation of novel imaging tools. These tools are designed to monitor and assess the wide variety of patients' immunotherapeutic responses.
Furthermore, applying the developed single-domain antibody based tracers to a theranostic approach is currently in the pipeline under development.

Founding challenges

The initial and biggest challenge for us was securing enough funding to start the transition from preclinical research to clinical application. Due to the very high costs of large-scale production and crucial toxicology assessment, the raised funding needed to account for these factors.

How VL helped us

The Venture Lab Healthcare proved most valuable to us by providing access to an extensive network of experts spanning critical sectors such as regulatory affairs of drug development or legal guidance.

Advice for founders

Building a company, just like medical research, is built upon communication and collaboration.
A core team that sticks together and shares the same values is just as important as a supportive and wide-spread network of researchers and advisors.