Neutron Star Systems

The Nuetron Star Team Picture

What We Offer

NSS facilitates high-power space missions by commercializing superconductor-based electric propulsion systems. These propulsion systems can be integrated in a wide range of missions: from small satellite constellations to cargo transfer to the Moon and Mars.

Founding Challenges

For a space start-up in Germany, the major challenge is the political framework, namely the lack of a coherent space policy and the lack of instruments that support startups on their path to commercialization.

Investors, or VC landscape, is the second challenge. Investors don’t have the mindset for high-risk ventures or deep tech. They don’t have the means to propel start-ups in Germany. They have very risk adverse approaches.

The third challenge lies in the absence of institutional support. Startups need financial advice, legal advice (a lot of it), especially at the early stage to avoid mistakes, to protect the IP, to negotiate the deals with technology transfer institutes, like universities.

How VL Helped Us

TUM Venture Lab Aerospace offered us a place on campus in Ottobrunn. This gives us both room to grow as a company and access to specialists, laboratories and resources to assist our growth. VL has been a catalyst for spreading our vision and integration in the Bavarian ecosystem.

Our Advice for Founders

The most important thing is to remain cool, but to also be a fighter. You need a little bit of a rebellious attitude because it is always difficult to breach barriers in specific ecosystems, and space is a very tough ecosystem.